Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapter 14

In the US, there are many problems with the health care system, but they can summed up into cost, access, and quality. A large part of why so many citizens go without health care is because they don't have insurance and the costs of simple health care procedures are enormous. Many cannot afford to pay health care providers out of pocket. There are different types of health care insurance, but most people get it through their workplace. Each week or each paycheck, a certain amount of money is taken out of your paycheck to supplement the cover you and your family are recieving through your employer. Many people choose careers simply for the reason of good health care coverage. A family plan allows you, your spouse, and your children (as long as they're in school) to stay on the policy. Of course, the more people you have under your coverage, the more expensive it is going to be. In Maine, there is insurance called Maine Care which provides those who qualify to be covered by the state's policy. Typically you pay nothing or a small amount, depending on your income. This system also has faults because there still are many people that fall through thr cracks and get left behind without coverage. As of today, the US is the only country without nationalized health insurance. I think this has a lot to do with the different classes. The US is home to every nationality, race, age group, and class. Therefore, those who work hard for what they have may end up paying for someone that does not work at all, which makes people become enraged. It is a tough goal to reach, but hopefully someday there will be no gaps in the health care system in the US. It will lead to a healthier population of people and will save lives.

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