Monday, October 25, 2010

ch. 9

This chapter focused specifically on Elders. It pointed out that the Baby Boomers are now starting to turn 65, which means our elderly population is going to rise. Many elderly people are depending on care from their families versus a nursing home. It is very sad to say that there are abusive people that work with elderly and take advantage of their money, are very rude towards their illnessses, and treat them terribly in other ways. This is a fact that many people tend to overlook when learning about the elderly population. I think it is best to try an help our older family members so they don't have to be a part of that. But I also realize they can become very dependant and it is hard to manage them as well as running our younger families. Statistics show that more and more parents are become dependent on help from their children which cause their children to quit their jobs and become a full time care-giver, for both their own children and their parents. Diseases that older people get are harder to deal with because their body isn't abel to fight off the disease as strongly as it once was able to. This puts even more of a burden on elders. As a group, we found it interesting that "old" is broken down into 3 categories. 65 is the age where you are considered an elder, 75-85 is middle old, and 85 is old old. Though, elders don't like to be called"old", they prefer something that isn't so stright-forward. Some elders remain as active as they were 20 years before, but that has to do with family history of disease and how well they care for their bodies. It is important that my generation takes care of our bodies because we need to grow older and healthier.

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